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Dear Fellow Boat Enthusiast,

Hi there! My name is Alan Renwick and in the next few minutes, I’m going to show you how you can choose and buy your dream second hand boat without losing a boatload of money.

Step by simple step, you’ll discover how to choose and buy the perfect second hand boat and you’ll be rewarded with years of enjoyment out on the water!

Like you, I’m passionate about boats! I love being on the water and I’ve been around boats for over forty years! I’ve bought and sold quite a few boats in that time, and today, I’ll share my insider secrets with you.

You know, owning your own boat really is a dream but you need to be sure that your new pride and joy doesn’t turn into an expensive nightmare as it has for thousands of excited but unsuspecting second hand boat buyers.

Let’s be honest. About 80% of the second hand boats on the market aren’t fit to be taken on to the water. And if you buy one of these unsound vessels then you’ll end up all at sea sinking deep into unwanted debt.

Quicker than you can say “All Aboard!” the wind will be taken out of your sails. All of your excitement and enthusiasm will totally disappear as you discover – to your shock and horror – that your dream boat is little more than a floating wreck.

Sure she may look beautiful. But looks can be deceiving…

Having listened to the seller spin a yarn claiming: “you’ll never find another one like her”, you will have unwittingly paid through the nose for a neglected nightmare and you’ve been left high and dry.

You soon realize that your beautiful pride and joy will require months of hard work and ongoing significant amounts of your precious hard earned money before you have the pleasure of taking it for its maiden voyage.

Before you know it, you’re getting way out of your depth sinking further and further into debt as the costs to get the boat all shipshape and Bristol fashion just keep on soaring.

And believe me, if you buy such a neglected boat, being up to your neck in debt is the best scenario…

For many unfortunate boat owners, their “dream boat” gave them a nightmare out on the water, including placing them in life-threatening danger.

Emergencies such as total power loss and electrical fires to taking on water and sinking, these are all very real and dangerous situations that you do not want to face on your maiden voyage – or anytime you’re out on the water to be honest.

Life-threatening, dangerous emergencies that have happened all too often to hundreds of unsuspecting boat owners.

Believe me, needing goggles and a snorkel to look at your pride and joy is a very unpleasant and distressing experience that you never, ever want to endure.

All Of Your Hard Work, All That Money, YOUR PRECIOUS DREAM – SUNK!

It’s a real heart-breaker and it has happened to hundreds of inexperienced boat buyers who had no idea whatsoever of the serious trouble they were letting themselves in for. Misguided by well-meaning but ill-informed advisors, they paid a very high price for their mistake.

But the good news is that you’re not going to lose a boatload of money nor end up with a risky, unsound vessel that places you in a dangerous, life-threatening emergency!

I’m going to show you the ropes so you can choose and buy your dream second hand boat and enjoy years of pleasure being out on the water!

With over forty years of boating experience, my expert hand will guide you through every step of the way from start to completion. You’ll discover how to charter a smooth course through the entire boat buying process.

You’re going to find the perfect second hand boat at the right price that will be an absolute joy every time you take it out on to the water.

So relax! You can buy your dream boat in complete peace of mind. Because the risk of you being burdened with a neglected unsafe boat, out of your depth and drowning in debt will be completely removed!





Let me ask you an important question:

  You’ve tried to find information but finding the important stuff takes too long

  You’ve found contradictory information leaving you feeling confused

  There’s so much information available, you feel overwhelmed

  You ask advice from people and you get inconsistent replies leaving you not knowing who to trust or believe

If you’ve experienced one or more or even all of the above then don’t worry you’re not alone! Many people who want to buy a second hand boat tell me that these are the main problems they encounter when they set out on the journey to turn their dream into reality.

Having witnessed first-hand the enormous frustrations and heartache felt by people pursuing their dream boat only to see their cherished dream to turn into a living nightmare, I resolved to help.

And now for the first time, you can find all of the information you need in one complete, step-by-step guide that will help you to turn your special dream of owning a gorgeous boat into reality!

From Bow To Stern – The Essential Guide To Choosing And Buying A Second Hand Boat – is your easy-to-understand, comprehensive guide to choosing and buying the perfect second hand boat – without losing a boatload of money!

You’re going to get my forty years of boating experience handed to you on a platter!  I’m spilling the beans and revealing the insider boat buying secrets you need to know so you get each part of the boat buying process absolutely spot-on.

At long last, all of the empowering information you need is here in one superb, step-by-step, complete guide. Including all of the hard-to-find golden nuggets you’d never uncover without the help of an expert. It’s all here for you in one convenient, instantly downloadable digital format.

You can get started on making your dream come true in just a couple of minutes!

  You’ll identify the main obstacle you face when buying a boat and one power question you can ask to ensure you make the right choice

  Three vital factors to be aware of when you first consider buying a second hand boat. If one or more are not right, then you must walk away no matter how beautiful the boat is

  The 8 areas you need to think very carefully about, all fully and clearly explained, before you decide on the type of boat that meets your needs

 Hull types and materials explained – you’ll discover the advantages and disadvantages so you get the choice spot on. Get this wrong and you’ll lose a boatload of money

 My secret simple but empowering technique to make sure your new boat matches up to your expectations – a crucial step the majority of new owners don’t do and pay a high price later

 How to spot the tell–tale signs revealing that the boat has been patched-up for sale so you save a fortune on unexpected but necessary costly repairs

 Super-useful insights on each particular boat type so you don’t get stuck with a boat you cannot resell further down the line

 The two main reasons why boats sink and simple checks to ensure your dream boat is watertight. You’ll know exactly which areas of the boat to check that many inexperienced boat buyers simply overlook or take for granted to their great cost. You won’t be one of them!

 Discover a secret canny technique to ensure the cockpit setup is just right. You’ll spend a lot of time there so you need to make sure the cockpit works well and is comfortable. Chapter 6 has all the details

  Buying a sailing boat? Page 42 reveals the secret techniques you need to know to find out if the rigging needs replacing or repairing. Secrets that could save you thousands of dollars on maintenance costs

 Want to relax in comfort on your dream boat? Discover how to ensure the interior will be suitable and of high quality so it gives you comfort and pleasure. From layout and flooring to materials and electrics, nothing is left to chance here

 Vitally important questions to be answered when setting up your motor boat rig so you enjoy a satisfying experience out on the water

 The five essential steps you must take when assessing the quality of the motor and one thing you absolutely must do as soon as you’ve bought the boat so your maiden voyage doesn’t turn into a nightmare

 Are the fuel tanks up to the job? Get the low-down on page 48 along with two power tips to help you determine fuel consumption and cost so you don’t end up paying far more than you bargained for to run your pride and joy

  Batteries are the heart of your boat’s electrical system and you’ll find out what the different types are and what’s best for your boat…along with how to ensure you always have a power supply in the event of failure or unexpected storm

  Discover how to maximize the life-span and performance of the battery. This cracking tip will save you a fat wedge of money!

Safety is the one area of the boat buying process that you must not compromise. Your boat buyers’ guide will provide you with a step-by-step equipment checklist so you sail in maximum safety and comfort. You’ll really enjoy being on the water with complete peace of mind knowing that if you do get into difficulties, you and your crew have the best chance of getting back safe and sound!

 The 5 main reasons why even the most experienced boat person should seek the advice of an impartial expert before buying

 How to get the maximum value from a survey – even if you decide not to buy the boat, this brilliant tip will ensure you walk away with much more than just your money in your pocket

 Boat thefts are more common than car thefts. You’ll find out how to verify that the seller is legitimate so you don’t end up in front of the law or endure the unpleasant scene of having your boat taken off you. Not to mention losing a boatload of money too!

 Discover how to negotiate the perfect price for your dream boat with this surefire step-by-step negotiation system fully revealed in a must-read Chapter 14

A really clever technique to ensure the deck meets your requirements

And much, much more!

From Bow To Stern – The Essential Guide To Choosing And Buying A Second Hand Boat will take you through each part of the second hand boat buying process in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step style. It isn’t written in complicated language, you can take it at a nice easy pace and you’ll easily acquire all of the knowledge you need to choose and buy your dream boat.

From Bow To Stern – The Essential Guide To Choosing And Buying A Second Hand Boat will remove all of the confusion, save you an ocean of time and give you the knowledge and the confidence to choose and buy a beautiful boat that’s just perfect for you!

Everything you need to know is right here for you. All clearly explained with color photographs so you get to see the whole picture. Nothing is left out – you’re going to discover the empowering boat buying secrets that unscrupulous boat sellers desperately don’t want you to know!

Just imagine how assured you’ll feel when you’re choosing and buying your dream boat! And your knowledge and confidence will place you in a very strong position to negotiate a great deal and save a small fortune and not just on the asking price. You’ll avoid the expensive mistakes so many new owners make when they buy a neglected second hand boat!

From Bow To Stern – The Essential Guide To Choosing And Buying A Second Hand Boat is the perfect guide to accompany you on the journey of buying your own beautiful boat. Trust me, owning your own gorgeous boat really is a dream come true! Being out on the water, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, sailing along in your own boat that you know is safe and sound as well as beautiful is exhilarating!

And when you invite family and friends for a boat trip, you’ll be thrilled to see them relaxing and enjoying the voyage in safety and comfort! Honestly, it’s such a rewarding experience – just imagine how proud you will feel!

You can start making your dream come true in a just a few minutes! Because “From Bow To Stern – The Essential Guide To Choosing And Buying A Second Hand Boat” is available as a digital download over the Internet. You don’t have to waste precious time waiting for your guide to arrive in the post! You can get started on the journey towards owning your dream boat right now from the comfort of your own home.

OK, I’ve been advised to sell my superb, comprehensive second hand boat buying guide for $97. And considering the amount of money, heartache and stress it will save you, $97 really is an absolute bargain.

I’m not exaggerating when I state that if the guide helps you to avoid just one unsafe, neglected boat, then it will have saved you tens of thousands of dollars. Possibly more in some cases where the boat really is a floating wreck! So let’s take all of the risk away right now…

Don’t Miss The Boat!

But I’m going to frustrate my adviser because $97 is too much for my liking! I want as many people who have a dream of owning their own gorgeous boat to have access to my outstanding boat buyers’ guide.

Thanks to the miracle of the internet I can pass on huge savings to you because there’s no printing, packaging and postage costs. You can enjoy instant access and there’s also a great LIMITED TIME special offer: if you act today, you’ll get a reduced price so don’t miss out on this great investment.

You’ll have all of the knowledge you need to find your dream boat. A safe and sound boat that will be a joy to own. A beautiful boat that will reward you and your family and friends with years of pleasure out on the water.  And with the money you’ll save by avoiding unfit boats, your investment in my guide will be repaid many times over!

So ACT NOW and reserve your personal copy of “From Bow To Stern – The Essential Guide To Choosing And Buying A Second Hand Boat” at the special discounted price of just $29.97 and get started right away on making your dream of owning your own perfect boat become a reality! Just click on the order button below right now!

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“I thought I knew boats but after reading this book I realized there were some areas I needed to look at that I had not considered. I have now had my boat for a few months now and appreciate the value of the advice in the book.

It is easy to follow, the checklist is a great tool and the language is easy to understand.

Buy the book and do the due diligence and you will be rewarded.”


“If I had found this book a week later it would have been too late and I would have invested my money in something that would have caused me some real headaches personally and financially.

I highly recommend this book to anyone as an investment. It saved me heaps of drama.

I now have the ideal boat for me and my family and it is different to the boats I was looking at previously.

Kyle Hobbs

But you must ACT NOW to take advantage. The special discounted price can’t go on much longer so make sure you don’t miss the boat and order your copy now! And you can download “From Bow To Stern – The Essential Guide To Choosing And Buying A Second Hand Boat” whenever its convenient for you – even if it’s 03:15 in the morning!

Just click on the order button below to get started right away:

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Just a few seconds from now, you’ll be on the journey to owning your perfect second hand boat! You’ll know all of the secrets the unscrupulous boat sellers really don’t want you to know and you’re going to enjoy years of pleasure out on the water – just as I and many of my clients have!

You’re going to be just as thrilled and rewarded, I assure you.

And when you do find your dream boat, make sure you write me and tell me about it!

Bon Voyage!

Alan Renwick

P.S. The special discounted price of just $29.97 is available for a limited time only. Don’t miss the boat, ACT NOW and discover all of the information you need to help you choose and buy your dream boat – without risking a boatload of your money! Everything you need to know is right here for you. Click the order button below right now!

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